us against the world.

Have you ever been turned down for silly reasons when In all reality it could help the quality and even the quantity of life? I have, more times then I can remember. Im sure you have also. But God looks after his children, no matter how hard it gets. Tell me about a time where this has happened to you and how it affected you.

Always keep smiling.


intro to our fighting journey

First lets start with a little about me. My name is Nina Marie Sotaski/walker/Melton. About 28 yrs ago, my mother, Dawn Sotaski, (now Walker) found out that her and my father, Randy Sotaski, (rip) were about to have a beautiful baby, with a long list of terminal illnesses. Five hours into a new world, i was given my first surgery to save my life. It was a complete success, but was only the start of a long life of 60+ surgeries, a life full of many amazing doctors who thought there was no hope, but with an amazing God looking after me, i was given 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.. chances at a beautiful life. All though my life has always been complicated, full of pain and suffering, it has also brought me to my knees with love, gratitude and a devout appreciation of life and all the ups and downs my journey has, and still is, taking me on. Now, at the age 28, i have decided to keep fighting until my last breath. Not for myself, but for the Lord, my husband, my mom, my family, the doctors and nurses who haven’t given up on me, my students, and mostly for those who i have come to love in the past, who did not survive the journey, and so those who know what living life as a chronic sick girl or guy is like all to well, know that there is officially a place they can go for emotional/spiritual support, and meet 1,00000 of people in the world, young or old, who are fighting for hope to a new day where all prayers have been answered. Remember, no story is more or less significant then anyone else’s. And that there are still good people out there who care, like your fav doc, or amazing friendly nurses, or the good support system in your life. this isn’t just for you to read. I want to here your story. Never give up the fight. always keep smiling. God loves you.